Women’s Lacrosse rising to win

Since 2014, the Women’s Lacrosse team has come a long way from being considered a good team to being one of the most competitive and strongest teams in the ODAC conference. The team has prepared during the fall and winter to face the competition with a fierce, undaunted spirit and is prepared to take on the conference.

Coach Geratowski was named the Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach in the 2014 season and has since bolstered the program’s reputation. Her efforts helped end the season with a 10-8 overall record and a 6-4 conference record. The team did not let the past settle in as they trained, prepared, and ultimately outdid themselves during the 2015 season.

The team was very competitive in the 2015 season, amassing a 9-1 conference record, only losing against Washington and Lee, and holding a 14-4 record, tying with a historic best season from 2000. The team made it to the ODAC Tournament and in the championship game lost to Washington and Lee, their biggest rival in past years, in a one-point match. Just like after the 2014 season, the team has prepared to outdo themselves once more and conquer the conference.

The coaches and team have motivated themselves to return to the ODAC Championship, defeat Washington & Lee, and crush the other contenders in their paths. Senior captain Katlyn Russo shared a glimpse of the training the team has undergone.

“The training has consisted of summer workouts, fall ball, winter workouts, fitness sessions in J-term, the weight room, and, of course, the pre-season to the 2016 season,” Russo said.

The team will further prepare themselves for the conference play by challenging tough out-of-conference teams.

“The girls have really put in a lot of work both in the off season and during this preseason in order to really prepare themselves for the challenging schedule we have,” Coach Geratowski explained. “One of the things we did as a coaching staff to help prepare us for our conference games was to schedule an incredibly challenging out of conference schedule. We currently have two top twenty teams on the schedule, as well as three teams who are receiving votes in the poll.”

Despite the tough training and upcoming schedule, the players and staff are unified in their goals.

“Our coach asks a lot of us at practice, but we don’t mind it because we all want the same thing and we all know what we’re working towards,” junior Laney Dee stated.

As hard as the team is practicing, they always cheer and support one another.

“As a team we continuously encourage and cheer one another on throughout any drills or games we play at practices,” freshman Abigail Roth shared. “As a freshman, it definitely helps when I mess up and miss a slide or drop a pass to hear an upperclassman tell me to shake it off and make

sure I get it next time. No matter what happens, we always back each other up, on and off the field.”

Sophomore Alicia Hsieh, last year’s team MVP, shares the same perspective of the team.

“We get really into drills and get competitive because that’s what makes us better and makes us realize we have what it takes to win ODACs,” Hsieh explained.

The team has proven that they have the key to leading the ODACs, primarily with their speed.

“We want to use our speed, which we have a ton of this year, to our advantage,” Coach Geratowski explained. “The style that we play asks our players to get in the game and give us everything they have in their tank and then get off to refuel. We are only able to play this way because we have a roster of players chomping at the bit to get into the game.”

Knowing what their capabilities are this year, the players have set high goals for themselves. One of their shared goals is to beat Washington and Lee.

“Two years in a row we have lost to the same program by one goal. This year, we are going to make sure the outcome is on our side, and come back with an ODAC championship,” Russo said.

“We come closer and closer to beating them each year and I really think that this is our year,” Dee chimed in.

The team has the experience, the talent, the training, and the support of all of the players and staff in their shared goals. The team has proven itself in past years as worthy contenders against the ODAC team and the out of conference teams. The team has bonded in their training and their speedy style of play will make their games not only exciting, but will ensure they will be even more competitive as they rise to the challenge of overtaking the ODAC conference.

-Bar Hass ’16, Senior Sports Editor

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