The end of an era for Moore

One of the best eras in Randolph-Macon Basketball history is closing its book. With their loss to Virginia-Wesleyan in the quarterfinals of the ODAC Tournament, the 2015-2016 season has come to a close and Lamont Moore has played his final game in a Yellow Jackets uniform.

Three NCAA Tournaments, two ODAC Championships, two Regular Season ODAC Championships, one Sweet 16, one Elite 8, and one 1st Team All-ODAC Award later, Moore is ending one of the most successful careers that Randolph-Macon Basketball has ever seen. From being a key player on the #1 nationally ranked 2014-2015 team to being a major scorer and rebounder for the 2015-2016 team, Moore has accomplished just about everything on the basketball court, including leading the team in points per game, rebounds, steals, and assists this season.

When asked about his fondest memory over his long career, Moore could not pick out just one memory in particular.

“There is no particular moment that comes to mind, but just all the brothers that I am going to walk away with once it’s all over,” Moore said. “If I had to choose something, it will be my entire junior season. I will always remember that season and each and every one of those games.”

After his junior season, Moore had to watch many of his friends and longtime teammates graduate. Before he knew it, he was left as the only senior leader on the returning squad. When asked about the transition, he did admit it was not the easiest thing he accomplished in his career.

“It was tough and at times frustrating. What made it even tougher was when our entire coaching staff left. I felt really alone through the whole thing,” Moore shared. “I wasn’t fazed by being the lone senior because I was confident in the ability of the team. I did wish I had a couple more seniors alongside with me to help lead, teach, and pave the way for our young guys. Going through those growing pains taught me a lot both on and off the court.”

Moore showed his adaptability to the team’s changes throughout the season, as the Yellow Jackets looked better and better as the year went on. Moore does have confidence in the team though for the upcoming seasons.

“They have a lot of talent, but are still young and have a lot of growing up to do,” Moore said.

He continued talking about how change is a tough thing for any program, but he reiterated his confidence in the talent of the program.

One thing that also stood out on the team this year was Moore’s ability to step up and be the best player on the court. With so much talent around him during his freshman, sophomore, and junior seasons, Moore often did not get the limelight some of his older teammates received. This season was his chance to shine, and he truly did.

Moore scored numbers that had him in ODAC Player of the Season contention. Moore admitted though that to him it was never about the spotlight.

“I am always going to do whatever it takes to win,” Moore said, “but, to be honest, it finally felt good to show people what I can do!”

After being a key player on a national contender, this season gave Moore the opportunity to be the main guy on each team’s scouting reports. Moore made sure though to give a lot of credit to his teammates.

“I wouldn’t have been able to obtain anything without my teammates. It wasn’t just me out there playing so it wouldn’t be possible without them making me better,” he shared.

Moore has had an incredible career, and every bit of it deserves the attention and recognition he has gotten this season. When asked if he had any final thoughts or remarks about his experience, Moore said, “Thank you to everyone that has supported the program over the years and continues to still support it. Special thanks to my parents who traveled to almost all of my games for four years. Also, thank you to the coaches who recruited me to be a part of this program and represent R-MC. This program is second to none!”

-Blake Saathoff ’17, Junior Sports Editor

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