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InterVarsity goes to EVA

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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an organization located at Randolph-Macon College and many other schools internationally. “The roots of the InterVarsity movement are with students at the University of Cambridge, in England in 1877. There, a group of Christian students began to meet together, in spite of the disapproval of someRead More

The 2016 Edge Bootcamp

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Randolph-Macon’s annual Edge Career Boot Camp was held February 5-6. 129 sophomore, junior, and senior class students participated in the Boot Camp. The busy weekend began in the Brock Commons on Friday at 9:00 am when students checked in and headed to the buses that would depart for The WestinRead More

Senior Spotlight: Talbot Weston

Senior Spotlight: Talbot Weston

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One of the best qualities of the Yellow Jacket community is the students’ involvement in school affairs. Talbot Weston is one of Randolph-Macon’s most notable student leaders due to her continued efforts to help make this campus a better place. Weston is heavily involved in many organizations and positions atRead More

“Steel Magnolias” at R-MC

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From February 17-20, the Randolph-Macon Drama Department put on the play “Steel Magnolias.” “Steel Magnolias” is the heartbreaking story of a group of small-town southern women with an incredible friendship that is proven strong as they deal with the loss of one of their own. The action is set inRead More

R-MC goes to New Hampshire

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January term (J-Term) is just one of the many unique academic opportunities that Randolph-Macon College offers. During the month of January, R-MC students have the opportunity to enroll in one or two classes in order to get ahead on their required coursework. In addition, the month-long time frame provides studentsRead More

Chocolate in Guatemala

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Chocolate is on the top of mostly everyone’s list of favorite pleasures in life. The infatuation with chocolate has been recognized worldwide for centuries, especially in Santiago de Guatemala, the capital city of colonial Central America. The roots of the modern world’s infatuation with chocolate run much deeper than mostRead More

IIG celebrates intl. holiday

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The International Interest Group at Randolph-Macon College hosted a celebration in honor of International Mother Language Day on February 21 in order to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity, and multilingualism. In order to promote cultural awareness on campus, the group created a video to highlight just how diverseRead More

Virginia Historical Society

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Virginia is one of the oldest and most historic provinces of the United states. For countless generations, mankind has evolved, adapted, revolutionized and progressed into the modern society we are today. Specifically, in Virginia, pivotal moments in our past took place that define who we are as a country. ARead More

Study Abroad Photo Exhibit

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All traveling enthusiasts must fly by the McGraw-Page Library to live vicariously through the photographs of Randolph-Macon’s study abroad students. Starting Monday, February 22, the Study Abroad Photo Exhibition will display some of the unique international experiences of various Randolph-Macon students. Destinations that may be featured include Cuba, England, Japan,Read More