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Dining services changing

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Changes in R-MC dining services are slow but steady. Randolph-Macon College recently has developed a branch of the Student Government Association (SGA) that deals specifically with student concerns regarding on-campus dining options. On-campus dining services are provided by Chartwells, a company that provides food of all levels. Food at R-MCRead More

Body found behind Ashland Harley-Davidson

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Hanover County investigators are attempting to identify a dead man found Wednesday morning behind the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle shop in the 10400 block of Washington Highway north of Virginia Center Commons. The white man appeared to be in his mid-to-late 50s and there was no immediately apparent cause of death. AnRead More

Linda Carne pleads guilty to charges

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Linda Carne, former Executive Director of the Center for Personal and Career Development at Randolph-Macon College, pleaded guilty on Monday April 21 to embezzlement in a Hanover Circuit Court. Carne admitted embezzlements that totaled around $22,979.80 from the 12,000-Scout strong Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of Virginia, which covers 30Read More

Habitat Act, Speak, Build Week raises $275.17

Habitat Act, Speak, Build Week raises $275.17

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Randolph-Macon’s Habitat for Humanity chapter recently held and “Act Speak Build Week” event from April 7-12. The goal was to educate the campus and community on the mission and outreach of the organization. Altogether, $275.17 was raised. Day 1: Habitat welcomed Associate Director of Advocacy Training Jose Quinonez at HabitatRead More

R-MC Hillel remembers Holocaust victims

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Randolph-Macon College’s Jewish student organization, Hillel, will be taking a trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., on April 27. “This day serves to commemorate the nearly six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust,” Hillel member Moriah Webster ’16 said. The museum is dedicated toRead More

NCAA changes drug policy to ban “street drugs”

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In December the Division III NCAA legislative convention proposed and approved a sanction to change the penalty for athletes testing positive for “street drugs”. “Street drugs” are defined by the NCAA as marijuana, heroin, and synthetic cannabinoids. The sanction for an NCAA sponsored drug test with positive results for suchRead More

The Masters: 20 year old Jordan Spieth almost makes history, Bubba Watson wins his second Masters title

The Masters: 20 year old Jordan Spieth almost makes history, Bubba Watson wins his second Masters title

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The Masters is the first of the major four golf tournaments played every year. The Masters has been around for many years, and the legacy of it will continue for centuries. In 1931, cofounders Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts bought Fruitland Nurseries, now the site of the Augusta National GolfRead More

Golf Q&A with Olivia Bowling

Golf Q&A with Olivia Bowling

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Describe your golf life; when did you start playing and how did you end up being ranked 15th in the nation? I began playing golf when I was 7 years old. I learned everything from my dad. He built my swing, he helped me with all the junior tournaments, andRead More

Do women vote for women?

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Current evidence suggests that female candidates cannot automatically count on women’s votes. Several high-profile women from both major parties have lost races because they ultimately lost the women’s vote. In 2010, Republican Meg Whitman lost women to Democrat Jerry Brown by 17 points when she ran for governor of California.Read More

Opinion: Democracy to the highest bidder

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Have you ever gotten an expensive gift from someone that you didn’t know very well? Maybe you loved it, but getting a lavish gift may have also made you at least a little nervous. Why did the giver feel that they needed to get you item X, and what areRead More