Softball looks to repeat ODACs

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Your reigning ODAC champion Yellow Jacket Softball team is taking the field again, and they are looking for the 2016 title. Picked by the coaches of the ODAC to win the conference for the 2nd year in a row, the Yellow Jackets are returning many key players that allowed theRead More

Manning hangs up cleats for good

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After 18 long seasons, Peyton Manning is hanging up his cleats for good.  On March 7, Manning addressed the nation in an emotional press conference, announcing that he is done with the game of football. Manning said it himself that there is something special about the number 18, which isRead More

Allie signs on to the lacrosse team

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The R-MC Women’s Lacrosse team signed their newest member, Allie Jones, in a special draft day with a letter of intent signing, and an invitation for her to join the team in the first game of the 2016 season. The Women’s Lacrosse team collaborated with the organization Team Impact toRead More

Women’s Lacrosse rising to win

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Since 2014, the Women’s Lacrosse team has come a long way from being considered a good team to being one of the most competitive and strongest teams in the ODAC conference. The team has prepared during the fall and winter to face the competition with a fierce, undaunted spirit andRead More

The end of an era for Moore

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One of the best eras in Randolph-Macon Basketball history is closing its book. With their loss to Virginia-Wesleyan in the quarterfinals of the ODAC Tournament, the 2015-2016 season has come to a close and Lamont Moore has played his final game in a Yellow Jackets uniform. Three NCAA Tournaments, twoRead More

Washington Capitals continue to advance

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We are witnessing one of the most dominating sports performances in history, and no, the team is not the Golden State Warriors. Despite how great Stephen Curry and company have looked on the court, the Washington Capitals are just as much the real story in sports right now. The CapitalsRead More

Season for the record books

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The star studded senior class has made this one exciting season for the Women’s Basketball program. Guard Hannah Livermon and Forward Katie Anderson have gone on and broken the Randolph-Macon records for 3-pointers and for rebounds, respectively. While the program has had some stellar teams and classes throughout their history,Read More

Johnny Football spiraling out of control

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Football star Johnny Manziel has had a rollercoaster ride of a career up to this point in his life. Manziel, current quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, has been involved with yet another off-the-field incident, and this time it was with his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley. Dallas Police have reported that ManzielRead More

Volleyball heads to Elite 8

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The Yellow Jacket Volleyball Team’s season was pre-destined to skewer and rise to contending challengers from the very beginning. The team hit the ground running starting September 1 and their efforts have led them to a 28-7 overall record and a perfect winning record in the conference. They now willRead More

The Game Ball stays in Ashland

The Game Ball stays in Ashland

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The Game Ball is staying in Ashland! The Randolph-Macon Football team showed up with great determination to win on Saturday, as the heated rivalry between Randolph-Macon and Hampden-Sydney drew in thousands of people to the small town of Ashland. Randolph-Macon’s season has not been the best compared to years past,Read More