OpEd: Bailing out John McGraw?

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Angry protesters, and consequently, occasional interruptions and disruptions, are faced by virtually every presidential candidate in some measure or another, simply due to the fact that, as the old adage goes, “you can’t please everyone.” Whereas most presidential candidates in the 2016 election have taken such instances in stride, itRead More

OpEd: Be the change you want to see

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There is a possible political revolution brewing. This revolution will not be led by a man wearing a white wig. Although these candidates also have questionable hair styles, this revolution may be led by a 74 year old Jewish, Democratic socialist senator from Brooklyn named Bernie Sanders. Or, quite possibly,Read More

OpEd: “A prejudice against prejudice”

OpEd: “A prejudice against prejudice”

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Since our country gained independence, it has been considered a melting pot. A country founded by immigrants, built off of rebellion, and one that inherited a culture of hard work. In a time now when the world is more globally connected than it has ever been, it is ironic thatRead More

OpEd: “My Body, My Rights”

OpEd: “My Body, My Rights”

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Recently at Randolph-Macon, students started a chapter of the prominent human rights organization Amnesty International. This organization works to raise awareness about human rights campaigns and violations all over the world. The chapter here at R-MC will work in tandem with Amnesty International officials to select campaigns and issues thatRead More

OpEd: Have we forgotten?

OpEd: Have we forgotten?

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“Never forget.” Every year we rally around these simple words to show our support for the thousands of innocent civilians, first responders, and military personnel who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. We all remember where we were when we first heard the news. I remember watching the TVRead More

OpEd: Kim Davis on marriage

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Wrong – Jordon Lee ’16, Junior Politics/Opinions Editor Kim Davis was publicly elected as a county clerk in Kentucky to fulfill many duties, including issuing marriage licenses. The Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) that it is the fundamental right for same-sex couples to be married under theRead More

OpEd: More border control

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No Control – Austin Wash ’16, Senior Politics/Opinions Editor Trump has made his thoughts perfectly clear regarding border control, and has expressed those thoughts by saying that the United States ought to “make Mexico pay for the wall.” Our priorities, however, should not include limiting the number of individuals whoRead More

OpEd: Gun Control

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We Need It – Sean Ryan ’18, Junior Politics/Opinions Editor In light of the most recent tragic events having to do with gun violence, the conversation on gun control has come up once again. This conversation has come up at an opportune time as well, given the early developments ofRead More

Opinion: blinded by the times on marriage

Opinion: blinded by the times on marriage

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America’s culture is not an artifact preserved in a museum; it is very much alive. As members of the Millennial generation, we have been catalysts for a seismic cultural shift that has taken hold across America. For 54 percent of Americans, no longer is it accepted that Americans can beRead More

Opinion: Demonizing Baltimore rioters/protesters completely misses the point

Opinion: Demonizing Baltimore rioters/protesters completely misses the point

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It has become a familiar scene: burning buildings and stores being looted by incensed Americans. Some of these individuals are unable to express their anger in any other way, and others are crass opportunists promoting violence and theft at a sensitive time in our nation’s history. If we choose toRead More