R-MC’s late night buzz

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Have you heard the buzz? Late nights are done the right way here at Randolph-Macon! Every Saturday, from midnight until 2 a.m., Student Life is spicing up the nightlife for the student body with partying done right. There is nothing better than free food, free games, and free music. AfterRead More

Family weekend Oct. 2nd-4th

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Randolph-Macon will host its annual Family Weekend from October 2-4 as parents, students, and relatives “buzz” about campus, seeing all that the school has to offer. From the football game to the local farmer’s market, R-MC and its surrounding community will have a lot going on. “I’m excited for myRead More

Senior Class Gift Committee

Senior Class Gift Committee

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Every year, as members of the Randolph-Macon senior class embark on their final year at college, many of them come to the realization that they will soon be considered R-MC alumni. With an alumni mindset in place, many of them take advantage of the opportunity to give their first giftRead More

Will the Pope take the U.S. to task during his visit

Will the Pope take the U.S. to task during his visit

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The world’s holiest diplomat arrives in the U.S. on Tuesday to begin his highly anticipated visit to the world’s most powerful country – a place that in many ways embodies the antithesis of everything the charismatic Pope Francis has stood for during his two-year papacy. Francis this year has beenRead More

Restaurant owners complain about ‘ghost town’ atmosphere during bike race

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RICHMOND, VA–Many of Richmond’s restaurant and bar owners say the UCI Road World Championships have been a “change of pace” for them, but not in the way they had expected. “We had a 20 to 25 percent drop-off in what our normal sales would be this time of year,” saidRead More

SGA blood drive successful

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Randolph-Macon’s Student Government Association, commonly referred to as “SGA,” hosted its first blood drive of the year on September 17th, 2015. During the drive, SGA exceeded their goal of usable units, making the Randolph-Macon community excited for its success. Every year, R-MC partners with the American Red Cross to hostRead More

International Students take R-MC

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Randolph-Macon is happy to welcome twelve new international students to campus this school year. R-MC has gained three new students from Vietnam, two students from France, two students from Spain, one student from the comarca of Lea in Spain, and one student from each of the following countries: Ireland, Italy,Read More

Welcoming the class of 2019

Welcoming the class of 2019

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Every student can remember taking hours to get their hair just right, charge their phone for pictures, and put on shoes that were a little too uncomfortable to wear for any other occasion. Unfortunately, this year students could not even begin to plug in the hair dryer to start theirRead More

Glance into Ashland

Glance into Ashland

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From new business ventures to fun activities, Ashland has been a hub of activity over the past few months, and as summer draws to an end, the community has seen additions and improvements all over town. As the months go by, Ashland will continue to see changes with at leastRead More

A letter from the editor

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Dear Freshmen, This is my third and final time writing this letter. I am so jealous of you and the position you are in right now. You are starting off with a clean slate. No embarrassing stories from the weekend or letters home about unsats. As I enter my lastRead More